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Amazon business course now available!


Interested in becoming an Amazon seller? We have both attended 8 weeks Amazon Mastery course held by Tony & Vik. We can warmly recommend this course to all people who want to change their life and start selling in Amazon online market places. The course includes written material, videos and examples which will teach you what is needed to start the business in Amazon and how to do it in practice. You will have the support of other course members in closed Facebook Community and persons who have attended the same course. You can ask for advice from more experienced sellers and share tips to other course members.

The price of the course is available behind the link. The course material will be opened one week in a time. If you follow the course agenda, you could have your 1st product on sale in Amazon on week #6. You can also follow your own rhythm to go through the course and to start selling. You have access to the course web site during one whole year after the start. If you do not like the course, you drop off during the first 14 days and you’ll get your money back.

If you join the course via our link, you will get also two * 1.5 hour coaching session with us. You can find more information about the course behind the link.

In addition, we give you 700 eur discount code! Before you join the course, please send an email to address atz@antazon.com. We will give you the code and agree the 1st coaching session. This benefit is only applicable if you join the course via our link. All coaching sessions should be used in 4 months after the purchase of the course. Note! The discount code is not valid for installments. Several discount codes cannot be used.

Enjoy studying and we wish you all the best in your Amazon journey!

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